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Natasha Miner

Customer Success and Account Management Expert

Natasha Miner is a burgeoning Customer Success and Account Management expert who partners with client executives and entrepreneurs to help them scale and sustain their businesses.   


She has near 10 years of experience working with multibillion-dollar brands and startups across technology, consulting, retail, etc., demonstrating an ability to create connections with clients. Her commitment and drive have resulted in expanded roles with increasing responsibilities.  She is currently providing comprehensive customer service and process improvement support to a portfolio of healthcare and pharmaceutical customers. 


The secret to Natasha’s success is grounded in her values - integrity, honesty and transparency.  As a self-described empath, Natasha believes the key to customer success and strategic growth is listening, connecting, and empathizing with those you’re trying to help. “The biggest communication problem is we do not listen to understand. We listen to reply.”  It is that thinking that has propelled her to become involved in projects to support diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.  Her self-ascribed mission is to be passionate and impactful in whatever she does.   


Natasha Miner holds a Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies from James Madison University, and when the day is done, enjoys traveling, reading and discovering new places for a delicious meal.   

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