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Darlene Wilson

Program Manager

JURISolutions Legal

Darlene Wilson is a Program Manager with JURISolutions leading and supporting the firm’s government division for the past 7 years.  She holds a B.A in Business Communications and an MBA from Rosemont College.  Her role includes a significant emphasis on recruiting, retention and employee development.  Darlene’s passion is connection – the magic that happens when she connects the right candidate with the right client -- and it sticks.  Staffing can be a bit of a revolving door and pragmatic recruiters make space for that reality.  However, Darlene places candidates in longer engagements which allow for lasting rapport and sustainable professional relationships.   She is inspired by the numerous and ongoing opportunities to engage with and hire all kinds of employees – veterans, differently-abled, people of color, women, etc. 


Darlene is most proud of: creating an atmosphere of conversation rather than checking questions off a list, possessing the ability to listen more than she speaks and finally, making the most of coachable moments.  She will shamelessly use tasteful humor to break ice and build bridges made of trust.  Darlene considers herself an empath both professionally and socially.  She has been a stand-up comedian for 23 years and is a social justice advocate who speaks regularly about consciousness-raising topics such as: equity in public school education, gun violence awareness and prevention, voting rights and community policing.   Darlene works with the Giffords Law Center, the Cameron Boyce Foundation, EMIR Healing Center and the Pennsylvania Office of the Victim Advocate as a Training Facilitator.

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